Funkenrailsdav: Webdav with Rails e.g. for ical

So you want a rails application to give you a webdav? Good, railsdav can do this for you. However, it might take you an hour or two as well to figure out how it works :)

This plugin is a copy of the original railsdav plugin with some modifications to make it run out-of-the-box. Just drop this plugin into your newly created rails application and it becomes a webdav-server. It comes with Authentication, so you can publish and synchronize your ical-files without fear :)

This was done using Rails 2.3.2.

Get it here:

2 Responses to “Funkenrailsdav: Webdav with Rails e.g. for ical”

  • Great work! Easy way to get a webdav server on rails up and running!

    BUT I have a problem putting anything else than very small files (couple kB) on the webdav. When I am trying to put a 400kB (you are reading right “kilobytes” NOT “megabytes”) it takes 30s and the webdav client (mac os x finder) times out.

    Any body else has this problem? Or a solution?


  • Hm, I never experienced this. Did you try this in production mode or development mode? And maybe you can look at your rails log file (e.g. open “log/development.log” with your “Console”-Application) to see if there is anything unusual.

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