AirPortClown: Simple MAC address spoof for Snow Leopard

Download AirPortClown as pure Cocoa for Mac OS X 10.6.4 (64 bit)

Update: I made a Cocoa App for this. The AppleScript is obsolete.

So I found Ryans Automator to do this at iamthekiller but it was not 100% perfect, so I added some of JosteinB’s suggestions from his blog and out came an AppleScript Application called AirPortClown, which you can download here:

And it looks something like this:

The source code is of course included in the download. MacDaddyX didn’t work for me and aaspoof is Shareware.

Update: If you look though the comments you will see that there is still some development going on, this version up here is for OS X 10.6.3 and 10.6.4 but you can download the version for OS X 10.6.2 here. Make sure your Airport is turned ON first when using the latest version.

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  • Great job! Any plans to add more features. Maybe some similar to what MacDaddyX used to offer?

  • Hi, I tried to keep it as small and flexible as possible. In fact, it should be so simple, that you can add any functionality you want. Unfortunately, AppleScript doesn’t provide anything more complex than what you see (in terms of GUI).

    I could do something in MacRuby, but that would only run on Snow Leopard (which is quite okay for me). But that would just make it more vulnerable to problems and put too much overhead into it. AirPortClown does what it should – here and now. And in one month it may have to be fixed again, who knows :)

  • Didn’t make nay changes for me, the box came up saying my MAC address was now ***** but just gave me the same old address.

    I’m running macbook pro, 2.53Ghz Core Duo 2, osx 10.6 snow leapard.

    Mind you, I am so new to this the umbilical coed is still attached.

  • Hey, i just tried airportclown on my snow leopard macbook pro ( intel) and it also gave me back the same exact mac address. Nice simple design, just didn’t work for me. :(

  • So I downloaded my own app and ran it and – the same error as you guys have. So I thought “What the…?”

    However, making sure that the Airport is turned ON but NOT connected to any network, I began entering the commands of the script directly into the terminal, and it worked.

    Surely weird enough, AFTER that, AirPortClown worked as expected. When I was connected to a network, it refused to work. Plus, some addresses he would take, some not.

    Well, what happens when you terminal the commands directly? E.g:

    sudo ifconfig en1 lladdr aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

    I hate this stuff :)

  • lol, doing the commands directly into terminal did not work for me either. But going into network preferences and changing the settings so their are no preferred networks. Ran the app and it didn’t work, then, the app made it disconnect from the numerous networks around me being airport had no preferred networks, then running the app again gave made it work. nicely done with this app, very cool. :D

  • Works for me, thanks a lot!
    (running Macbook Pro 3,1 on SL 10.6.2)

  • good news jonason

    WORKS yaaaaaaaaay

  • hey I have a solution to most of you guys problems. Its very very easy.

    changed delay to 4 and changed
    sudo ifconfig en1 lladdr
    sudo ifconfig en1 ether lladdr

    delay 4

    – Change MAC address
    do shell script “sudo ifconfig en1 ether lladdr ” & (wish as string) with administrator privileges

  • glad it worked for you Vinicius!

    First time to use apple scripts but for those having problems use my edit—->

    It takes a bit longer but seems to work about 80% of the time for me vs not at all for me. To view the script just right click and go to show package contents and go to the main.script. (something like that)

    //I use MBP 2.53Ghz 10.6.2


  • Thank you folks!!
    I updated the download link in the main article.

  • Thanks for the credit….

  • The AirPortClown revision doesn’t seem to run on 10.6.3. I get an error “ifconfig: can’t set link-level netmask or broadcast”.

    Any ideas? This was working for me on 10.6.2 with a MacBook Pro 13″ Unibody.

  • I was using this quite heavily until today and it indeed doesn’t seem to run on 10.6.3… I have no clue on what to change, already tried to see what changed but no success… Anyone? :-)


  • Change “A” into “Current” in:

    “sudo/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/A/Resources/airport -z”

    Delete “lladdr” from:

    “sudo ifconfig en1 ether lladdr ”

    And “save as application” and it works like a charm again :-)

  • Hey Kevin Edwards the code just needs a little tweaking to work mine currently works under 10.6.3 but I cant publish because they take credit for my work. GL!

  • Ok. I figured out the tweak. Thanks Alfred, knowing that it could be tweaked was enough info to help me figure it out and get it working.

    I feel guilty not sharing the information and helping others. I don’t know what the credit issue is, but hopefully this gets resolved amicably.

    Kevin (or should I say “lladdr”? ;)

  • Your download is corrupt..
    Please fix thx….

  • Hi,
    Who knows why spoofing mac address in 10.6 is not the same than 10.5 ? Why doesn’t it work ?

  • Thank you indeed folks. I updated the post accordingly again. There is a version for 10.6.3 and one for 10.6.2 now.

  • I can change my mac address of my MacBookPro, but when is changed I can’t connect to any wifi.
    Any ideas?
    I have snow leopard(10.6.3)

  • Thanks !!

    Follow the AirPortClown link for dl, it make my life easier ! :)

  • I just tried this script on 10.6.4 on my a unibody 17″ MacBook Pro and it didn’t work. It’s the first time I’ve used it, and yes – I did leave airport on while running it. Does the script need another update. I noticed a previous post that suggested changing “A” to “Current” was not implemented in the Apple Script.

  • I also meant to request that the script include a version number in the comments, and maybe even a comment regarding which OS X version it works with.

  • Retrocrastinator

    Does the 10.6.3 version of AirPortClown work on a 10.6.4 system?

  • @Mack and Retrocrastinator: That’s weird, I’ve been using Airportclown as it is up there on 10.6.4 since 10.6.4 came out and it works splenditly.

  • it works for me under 10.6.4 MBP, really appreciate for this.

  • I FOUND THE SOLUTION!!! At least for me. My airport happens to be identified as en0, NOT en1. Change that in the script, and it works perfectly!

  • How can change the Mac Address of this:
    NISUTA WIRELESS USB G (NS-WIU54G55) 500 mW ant desm 5 dBi
    Chipset: Realtek RTL8187L + 8225
    This is the software:
    It’s the ONLY driver for Realtek RTL8187 that works on Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6.4

    Thanks in advance. :-)


  • I try on 10.6.4 but & does’t work, I have the message :

    ifconfig : can’t set link-level netmask or broadcast

    what could I do ?

  • I suggest to myself to put this on Github so that everybody can make suggestions and improvements easier :)

    @phil: AFAIK the only preconditions (for me at least) are:
    - make sure airport is on
    - make sure you’re not connected to a known network
    - try airportclown 2-3 times if it doesn’t work on the first try

  • I’d be happy if you could try AirPortClown 2.0 — pure Objective-C and Cocoa. Hosted at Github.

  • Transmission (BT client) doesn’t seem to connect when I spoof the mac address. The progra starts, but shows no network activity when the MAC is spoofed.

  • I have a 27″ imac running the Airport Extreme Arthos card.
    It says that it changes the address, but then every time I try to connect, it says connection timed out.

    Any help would be great.

  • I believe that the connection timeouts are related to caching of the address within the local network. Like this: If you google on how to clear your ARP cache on Mac OS, you might at least make sure that your error is not related to the ARP cache.

    PS: This is the arp flush command: sudo arp -d -a

    more discussion:

  • I just thought I’d mention that I downloaded AirportClown 2.1 for the mac and was concerned when the main window indicated it was version 2.0. I then did an About AirportClown and it indicated it was actually 2.1. Sounds like you need to make the main window consistent with the proper version number.

  • haha, I hoped nobody would find that mistake once I published version 2.1 :) Thank you indeed for the comment though. If you would like to send me a pull request on github, I’d accept it right away ;)

  • no succes for me :-(

    osx 10.6.4
    airportclown v2.0 + v2.1

    MBP 1,3
    15″ 2,4GHz C2D
    Santa Rosa
    Nvidea GT8600M/256MB
    Mid 2007

  • srry: no success means
    I can change mac adress, but cant connect to any network then.

  • I always get: Sorry, your AirPort doesn’t accept this address. Please try another vendor prefix.

    Any ideas?

  • Just tried on my Mid-2010 MacBook Pro i7, OS X 10.6.6: I can only change the MAC address ONE time. After that, I get the error: “This MAC address didn’t work out. Sorry, your AirPort doesn’t accept this address. Please try another vendor prefix.”

    This even if I try to revert to my original MAC address.

    Any idea what’s going on?

  • Sorry, correction. Running it repeatedly seems to work…

  • Everything worked fine until I updated to 10.6.6
    I found the solution’s script by modifying :
    “sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -z”
    and further in the script:
    do shell script “sudo ifconfig en1 lladdr ” & (wish as string) with administrator privileges

    The new compiled 64bit airport clown unfortunately didn’t work

  • Hi anyone got it working on 10.6.6?
    does not matter what i seem to try i get the connection timeout after changing the mac address…

  • I tried this on my 2008 Macbook Pro. I live at a campground and they limit your bandwidth based on your usage. So I had the idea to change my mac address so they give me my bandwidth back! It worked perfectly. I am running 10.6.8. I had to try the different Broadcom vendors because I wasn’t sure which one was mine. Thanks for everything!

  • please be a 10.7 fix on the way ..

    I am rolling back till then.

  • I tried everything on my MacOs 10.6.8.
    I did change the MAC address but with no success in associating to a WLAN with the new MAC address.

  • What about a 10.6.8?

  • When is there going to be an update so it’s compatible with 10.7 OS X Lion?


  • It works on my 10.6.8, awesome!

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